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Sholay 3D Official YouTube Trailer

The first look trailer of the greatest story ever told ‘Sholay 3D’ is available now. The greatest Indian movie of all time, Sholay, makes a return to the big screen in an awesome 3D avatar. The trailer starts with the evergreen dialogue said by Gabbar, played by Amjad Khan, to his associate Samba, and then some praises which the Sholay got through renowned publications and veteran film analysts. The trailer is being very well made, along with some 3D visual effects that being visible in the normal screen too. The first look of Sholay 3D is filled with lots of action sequences, memorable dialogues, and unforgettable scenes. Sholay 3D is going to be the first release of year 2014.

Watch Sholay 3D Official YouTube Trailer - Sholay 3D Movie Poster