Watch Bombay Velvet Trailer

Bollwood’s Retro film Bombay Velvet’s trailer is out in its full charisma and the one that will certainly make you dance into the edgy world of 60s in Bombay.

While the passionate camaraderie of Anushka (Rosie Narona) and Ranbir (Johnny Balraj) is sure to make you whistle, the villain Karan Johar as Parsi businessman Kaizaad Kambhata too seems perfectly mystifying.

Watch Bombay Velvet Trailer!

As it begins rolling down, the trailer makes you focus on the unique accent that actor Ranbir Kapoor has been holding with much grace. He seems appealing with his looks but this street fighter has got terrific dreams and ambitions to be a ‘BigShot’.

And the only man who can gorge his desires is Kambhata who promises Balraj of his demanded grandeur but has got mysterious plans tapped under his nose.

While Ranbir and Karan’s chemistry is effectively mysterious, it is Anushka Sharma’s jazz singer avatar defining the glamour and dazzles in the city.

Amid blazing guns, terrible blasts and several car crashes, what also intrigues one are the evident efforts put in to carve the entire Bombay noir aura by the sets, costumes and the look.

ranbir-kapoor-bombay velvet trailer 001

While Anushka Sharma’s appearance talks about polka dots, bouffant hairdos, button earrings and going brightly coloured to sophisticatedly monochrome, Karan Johar’s extreme characterization finds significance in his all time gloomy and wet eyes.

The trailer cleanly falls at par with the brilliance of Anurag Kashyap and looks assuring a dandy performance oriented film.