Privacy Policy

The privacy policy declared beneath administers to which from here on after may also be mentioned to as ‘site’. We strongly notify that you accept and read through this privacy policy before using this website.

Safeguards And Security
It’s essential for every internet user to recognize that data transmission over the internet cannot be 100% secure and so it’s impossible for us to assure the security of the information you provide to us. However every possible measure is taken to ascertain that the data i.e. your personal data is protected from unauthorized approach by the use of the latest encryption technology. In addition to the safe guards we use your information is also safeguarded by the 1998 Data Protection Act. This act obligates us to use your data fairly and lawfully.

Personal Information Collection
Even though this website does not require that you furnish it with personal information you may need to provide us with this information if you wish to sign up. We accumulate information such as telephone number, name, email address etc. We strongly suggest that people who are concerned about their personal information should not submit it to us via the site.

Using Your Information
By consenting to use this website you are agreeing to us gathering information so that we are able to render you much better site services as well as help develop our business. The intention of collecting this information includes:

  • Acknowledging who you are i.e. returning visitor or new one.
  • The data will be used to personalize the site and further develop and better the site based on your browsing habits.
  • The data will also enable us to inform you of the most recent changes and updates i.e. the latest news, reviews and other interesting information.
  • It will also help us deal and reply to your comments as well as other information you may send through.
  • This information also enables you to utilize content on this website or snipes of it with people in your network.

Sharing of Your Personal Info

By using this website you are consenting to the following:

  •     You accept that we may reveal the information you provide to us about yourself
  • We may or may not supply your data to businesses aka third parties based on your consent.
  • We also reserve the right to reveal your information to law enforcement authorities and regulatory authorities in order to comply with existing laws such as the Data protection act of 1998.
  • We may also sell, or transfer the information describe above to private or government third parties which may be as a result of a consolidation, sale, merger or transfer of assets etc.

Reviewing your Personal Information
If for whatsoever reason you need to review the information we have on you or receive copies of its details or have any queries about the information you provided us with then please email us.

How the share this facility works?
Before using this service and providing us with the name and email address of a third party be sure to get their consent first, since all private information shared will fall under the policies mentioned on this page.

Collection Of Misc. Pieces of Information/Cookies
The site utilizes cookies to track and gather information when you visit this site. A cookie is a small file that resides on your computer and is used by your web browser each time you visit a website. We use cookies to identify computers that give us information about your previous visit. Most leading internet browsers have cookies turned on by default but you can also turn off this feature or erase cookies if you don’t wish to be automatically tracked. However we don’t ensure that our website will act as quickly as it does when cookies are turned on. You will also forfeit an opportunity to easily and quickly find what you are interested in.
Our cookies don’t collect specified identity related information, just information relating to your computer settings, internet connection, OS and your IP address. It will also collect your browsing patterns and geographic location.
The advertising on our website is from our advertising partners that serve ads based on what our readers are interested in. This assures better targeted ads and fewer ads for the general visitor. The data that the ads are based on is not specific i.e. street address, email or phone number but rather general information relating to your time on the site.