Lucky Di Unlucky Story Full Movie

Lucky Di Unlucky Story Full Movie Punjabi Watch Online

Lucky Di Unlucky Story Full Movie Online

Lucky (Gippy Grewal) is a quintessential male! Living his youth, making women run for him, multi-timing and what not. He would say that it comes from his concern for women. His logic is that he doesn’t want to become the boring and lifeless man that his married friends had become. He would like to give women a good time every time he meets them. But for that, he must have a good time himself and the catch is, he doesn’t believe a man can have a prolonged good time with one single woman. That till he meets Seerat (Surveen Chawla). Seerat was the first girl in his life to have knocked the doors of his heart and not of his bedroom. And in an instant, he was ready to change for her. Only, the ghosts from his past keep coming back to haunt him and create dents in Seerat’s trust for him and the more he does to win back her trust, sillier things happen to make the dent only bigger. It all reaches a stage where Seerat stops taking his calls and leaves him by himself; even threatening to call the wedding off. Now Seerat was a girl who knows how to have her way in this world dominated by men. She deals in love but makes sure the deal is profitable. She likes Lucky solely because of HER effect on him. She met him and he changed. Call it ‘his luck’, call it ‘her love’, it made Lucky a better guy. Troubles begin when she realizes that Lucky might not have changed that much after all. She finds him flirting with women on an occasion as important as his engagement with her, she finds him shirtless with a girl in a hotel! But then she is not the kind who would let a man have his chauvinistic ways and play with her happiness. Lucky has to answer and explain and care and change and prove! Or, she isn’t scared to call off the marriage that’s due in two weeks!

Lucky Di Unlucky Story Full Movie Watch Online

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