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Global Baba Hindi Movie

Global Baba is a story that mirrors the harsh fact as to how the so-called ‘Godmen’ fool the innocent public to make a quick buck.

Just as when the dreaded Chillam Pahalwan (Abhimanyu Singh), is about to be shot at the hands of Insp. Jacob (Ravi Kishan), he escapes and accidentally meets his old friend Damru Baba (Pankaj Tripathi). On his advice, Chillam Pahalwan transforms into a spiritual guru by the name of ‘Global Baba’. The ‘miracles’ of ‘Global Baba’ spreads far and wide. In no time, he becomes a household name and has all the movers and shakers of the city as his ‘followers’.

In the meantime, a TV journalist Bhawna Sharma (Sandeepa Dhar) joins hands with Insp. Jacob, politician Dallu Yadav (Akhilendra Mishra) and a handful of others in a mission to expose ‘Global Baba’.

Does Bhawna Sharma, Insp. Jacob and Dallu Yadav succeed in their mission of exposing ‘Global Baba’ or do they get caught in the crossfire is what forms the rest of the film.

Release Date
11 Mar 2016
Social, Thriller
Manoj Tewari
Vijay Bansal
Star Cast
Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh…. Chilam Pahalwan
Ravi Kishan…. P.C. Jacob
Pankaj Tripathi…. Damru Baba
Sandeepa Dhar…. Bhawana Sharma
Sanjay Mishra…. Bhola Pandit
Akhilendra Mishra…. Dallu Yadav
Seema Azmi…. Bhnumati
Sanjay Singh…. Defence Minister
Pankaj Jha…. Cops
Ehsaan Khan…. Cops

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