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The Ghazi Attack Hindi Movie

The Ghazi Attack Star Cast:

Release Date
17 February, 2017
Sankalp Reddy
Karan Johar
Star Cast
Rana Daggubati… Lt.Commander Arjun Varma
Taapsee Pannu… Ananya
Kay Kay Menon… Captain Ranvijay Singh
Atul Kulkarni… Devraj, Executive Officer
Om Puri
Milind Gunaji
Bikramjeet Kanwarpal
Rahul Singh… Pakistani Naval officer

The Ghazi Attack about the movie:

THE GHAZI ATTACK’s story (Sankalp Reddy) is based on the mysterious sinking of ‘PNS Ghazi’ during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. The film starts off with a tremendously engaging baritone voiceover of Amitabh Bachchan, who gives an insight into the story set up. After the Indian Navy decodes a cryptic message by the Pakistan Navy about a surprise attack on India, the Indian Navy officers become extremely alert about the situation. In order to combat the attack, they recruit a team of three officers to lead India’s submarine S21. The trio, then go on a classified mission to do a detailed underwater recce of the situation. The three principal officers chosen for the mission include Lt.Commander Arjun Varma (Rana Daggubati), Captain Ranvijay Singh (Kay Kay Menon) and Executive Officer Devraj (Atul Kulkarni). While Lt.Commander Arjun Varma happens to be the ever-duty-abiding officer, Captain Ranvijay Singh, besides being the senior most and experienced of the trio, also happens to be a man who likes to follow his instincts and not like to wait for the orders. On the other hand, the Executive Officer Devraj is someone who knows whose order to follow and at what time. Even though the officers aboard the S21 are merely sent for recce, little do they know that they will engage with Pakistan’s most decorated submarine ‘PNS Ghazi’, which is ventured into Indian waters in order to destroy India’s prestigious ‘INS Vikrant’. ‘PNS Ghazi’ launches an attack on an Indian merchant ship on the east coast to distract the crew on ‘S21’. While Captain Ranvijay Singh orders a direct and uninformed attack on ‘PNS Ghazi’ right away, it is the dutifulness of Lt.Commander Arjun Varma that prevents him from doing so. Thus begin fights and ego clashes between the two officers. What follows after that, are a series attacks and war games between both the submarines under the ocean. Do the Indian officers aboard ‘S21’ manage to survive the Ghazi attack and defeat the Pakistan submarine or do they succumb before the enemies, is what forms the rest of the film.

The Ghazi Attack Hindi Movie Trailer:

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