Dobaara – See Your Evil

Dobaara – See Your Evil

Release Date
02 June, 2017
Psychological Horror
Prawaal Raman
Ishan Saksena
Prawaal Raman
Sunil Shah
Vikram Khakhar
Star Cast
Huma Qureshi … Natasha Merchant
Saqib Saleem … Kabeer Alex Merchant
Lisa Ray …
Adil Hussain …
Rhea Chakraborty … Special Appearance
Madalina Bellariu …

DOBAARA focuses on exactly this, with the main protagonists Kabir Alex Merchant and Natasha Alex Merchant played by the real life brother sister duo of Saquib Saleem and Huma Qureshi, who find themselves doubting everything and being unable to clearly define the real from the surreal. The film starts off with Kabir and Natasha’s parents Alex Merchant (Adil Hussain) and Lisa Merchant (Lisa Ray) who find themselves being driven apart by an unseen force, that has seduced Alex making him shun his family. Despite Lisa’s repeated attempts, Alex distances himself from his family, until one day he decides that they need to die. While Lisa is shot and killed by Alex, a young Kabir manages to disarm his father and hold him at gunpoint. Facing a loaded weapon, Alex has a moment of clarity wherein he realizes what he has done and forces Kabir to pull the trigger. Soon after the police arrive, Kabir is taken away to an institution, where he spends the next ten years coming to grip with what happened that fateful night. In the meantime, Natasha grows up with the sole objective to prove the supernatural power of the mirror before eventually destroying it. Will the duo manage to prove the horrifying tale of death that has followed the mirror? Will they succumb to the terrors the mirror induces? Will Natasha be able to destroy the mirror or will it destroy them is what forms the rest of the film.

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