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Name: Aruna Shields
Sex: Female
Languages Known: English, French and  Hindi
Accents: Spanish, French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Standard American, Cockney, Georgie (Northern English), Asian, British
Athletic Skills: Martial Arts, Rollerblading, Swimming
Performance Skills: Stunts, Martial Arts, Dancing
Dance: Egyptian, Indian and dancing with snakes, Club/Freestyle, Flamenco, Belly

Aruna Shields Education

  • Guildhall School of Music and Drama, UK, Speech and Drama
  • Central St Martins, London

Aruna Shields Art Qualifications:

  • Distinction holder at Guildhall School of Music and Dram
  • Degree BA Holder from CENTRAL ST MARTINS (London)
  • Howard Fine Actors Workshops LA

Aruna Shields is very fluent in English but can also speak Hindi and French as well.

Aruna Shields Biography

Aruna Shields is a British actress of Anglo Indian descent who has already worked in two world class hit movies. Aruna Shields began her education at a convent school and was later on sent to a boarding school after winning an academic scholarship.

Aruna Shields was referred as ‘INDIA’S NEW BOND GIRL’ by Times 2010.

Aruna also has a degree from Central St Martins, London. Aruna Shields just finished her two major lead roles and her movies are featured all around the world. She was also seen in ‘AO The Last Neanderthal’ as the tribal woman Aki, and of lately as Maya in Bollywood super hit action thriller film  ‘Prince’.

Sheild’s passion lay in performance and while at a theatrical workshop she was perceived by an acting agent. Aruna is now training with celebrity acting coach Howard Fine in LA.

Aruna Shield’s earlier works includes touring in theater tour. Starring lead in art-house feature ‘Mr. Singh/Mrs.Mehta’. Lead roles in experimental and feature films like ‘Mission Improbable’, ‘Private Moments’, ‘Violent Lesson’ and underwater film ‘Bait’. She also played several minor roles in other movies.

Aruna Shield- Career

Aruna Shield, Fearless and talented has leads in two upcoming studio feature films, performing roles in every phase from action to arthouse.

Aruna plays a volatile female lead in action thriller film ‘Prince’. She plays an undercover agent Maya, Prince’s partner in crime, a femme fatal but much more than just eye candy. Aruna performs all her own stunts: free falls, gymnastic flips, gliding…even motor-bike bungee jumps!

She’s also just completed the lead in epic adventure ‘AO THE LAST NEANDERTHAL’. A griitty beauty and the beast love story set 30,000 years ago in a lost savage world. Aruna plays a tribal woman, AKI, who saves the last Neanderthal After global auditions, Aruna finally secured the challenging role. Aruna spent months learning prehistoric languages, spear throwing, and authentic body movement. The film is produced by European cinema chain UGC.

Aruna Shields is a professional in scuba diving, snakes dancing and belly dancing. She is also a stunt expert and is very good at car racing, sky diving, horse riding, handling fire arms, and in martial arts.

Aruna Shields Filmography

2010    Prince,   Ao, le dernier Néandertal
2007    Mission Improbable
2005    Private Moments
2002    Ali G Indahouse, Jesus the Curry King

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