Begum Jaan

Begum Jaan Hindi Movie

Begum Jaan Star Cast:

Release Date
14 April, 2017
Srijit Mukherjee
Mukesh Bhatt
Vishesh Bhatt
Star Cast
Vidya Balan … Begum Jaan
Gauahar Khan … Rubina
Pallavi Sharda … Gulabo
Ila Arun … Amma
Priyanka Setia … Jameela
Ridheema Tiwari … Amba
Flora Saini … Maina

Begum Jaan Star Cast:

BEGUM JAAN is *not* inspired by Benegal’s film, nor is it a present-day adaptation of that film. A remake of the Bengali film RAJKAHINI [2015], also directed by Srijit, this one’s set during the partition and is far more raw, brutal and violent than MANDI. The trailer of BEGUM JAAN was clear in its intent: It’s not for the faint-hearted… actually, you ought to have a strong stomach to absorb this one.

Let’s give you a gist of the plot first, before we move forward…

Cyril Radcliffe is entrusted with the task of drawing the border that would split Punjab into two parts: a portion for India and the other for Pakistan. The politicians [Ashish Vidyarthi and Rajit Kapur], representing their respective governments, go about doing their job earnestly, but their work hits a roadblock as they discover that a brothel — run by the shrewd and sharp Begum Jaan [Vidya Balan] — is positioned right at the border.

Begum Jaan refuses to vacate the premises, despite being served an official notice. She’s defiant and rebels against the move to relocate elsewhere. My body, my house, my rules is her motto in life. Begum Jaan and the inhabitants clash with the officials amidst the changing political scenario during partition.

Srijit startles you at the outset itself: A shocking incident in present-day New Delhi makes you uncomfortable. Although it sets the tone of the film, a doubt crosses your mind as it unfurls: How pertinent and significant is this episode vis-à-vis the story Srijit intends narrating? I mean, weren’t we prepared to watch a period film set in the 1940s? Was the sequence merely incorporated for shock-value? Srijit obviously knows what he’s talking and answers the query only towards the final moments of the film. Oh yes, the appalling episode does have its connection with the plot and as you exit the auditorium, you realize that the mindset remains unchanged to this date.

The communally tense atmosphere during the partition has left scars that are difficult to heal. But BEGUM JAAN does not document what actually transpired between the two communities then. It takes an altogether different route as it focuses solely and completely on the fight waged by a handful of prostitutes to save their brothel.

BEGUM JAAN has its share of shining moments.

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